5 Tip's to Increase Your Battery Life / Use your Battery for Long Time

5 Tip's to Increase Your Battery Life / Use your Battery for Long Time 

A lot of smart phones are such that their battery gets quickly down. so today i will tell you the tricks from which your smart phone battery will last longer and you will be able to use your mobile in less charge.

1:- Overcharging 


Do not ever charge your phone 100% . what happens when you charge your phone 100%. it starts overcharging , due to which the battery life starts decreasing.
you should charge 80% to 90% of your phone. and never let go down 20%

 2:- Background Apps

Uninstall your unnecessary apps in your phone. because these apps working in the background of your phone.

3:- Recent Task

When you exit any of the apps by pressing the direct home button, that app is turned on in the recent task of your mobile. so there will be a lot of apps in your recent task. so let's clear those apps.

4:- Charging Time

According to mobile, you should charge your mobile after 12 hours. and decide the charging time of your mobile and charge your mobile from time to time.

Note:-Do not charge for more than 12 hours continuously.

5:- Brightness 

You should keep your mobiles brightness low. most of batteries are reduced due to brightness.  


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