Google Titian Security Key / Best Security Key by Google / Security Key

Google Titian Security Key / Best Security Key by Google / Security Key

              The security of our online accounts is the most important. for this, we use a strong password to our accounts, and we activate two step verification for more security. and sometimes the OTP that comes in our phone is modifiable and you will receive a fake OTP. sometimes, despite having a strong password, and someone hacks your email accounts, website, social media accounts. in this case, i will recommended you that you should use Google Titan Security Key to keep your accounts safe. Google Titan Security Key will only be available in the online market for 50$ only, from where you can buy.

          Google has launched its new product to make your account more secure. if you have connected this Google titan security key with your multiple accounts, than you need this titan security key with you to login your accounts. without this key, you will not be able to access your accounts. you can use this Google titan key in your google accounts. but you can not use this Google Titan Security Key in Apple's safari browser. this Google Titan Security Key you can use in Google Chrome and Firefox Browser.

Google Titan Security Key

              You will get two keys in google titan security box with first key you can connect your smartphone and Iphone via Bluetooth. and with the second key you can use it in your computer. Google Titian Security provides you a MICRO USB PORT. due to which you can charge your Bluetooth. with this you will get a MICRO USB CHARGING CABLE. this is good product launched by google, you can keep these titan security key's with your home key's. and easy to use.  


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