How To Uninstall Installed Application or programs From Computer, Uninstall Installed Apps.

              In our computer we have installed a lot of applications. and after some time we delete those applications. but we can delete that application just by Right-Clicking on the desktop. but deleting that application is not uninstalled. that application remains installed. to uninstall that application, you have to uninstall that application by going to the computers control panel. Today i will tell you how you can uninstall any application by going to control panel.


1. First you have to click on the start button on your computer.

2. After the opening, click the control panel button.

3. After that you have to click on the programs.

4. You have to click on the programs and features under uninstall a program.

5. Then Right-Click on the application that you want to uninstall, click the uninstall button.

            In this way, you can uninstall any program or application by going to control panel.