PUBG Has Banned Four Players for Three Years

PUBG has banned four players for cheating in the game. The players were banned on account of suspected use of unauthorized software. The four professional PUBG players to be banned are 1.Christian 'Cuhris' Narvaez 2.Liam 'Liammm' Tran 3.Tyler 'DevowR' Sti 4.Mark Tefl0n Formaro now these players will not be able to participate in all official esports competitions for three years.

As per the PUBG in game banned players and those found to be using illegal software or means during professional esports competitions after investigations will be prohibited from taking part in competitions for minimum of 3 years to maximum of lifetime staring on date on which the official investigation completes.

PUBG has banned around 30.000 players accused of using third party program called radar hack cheat to view other players location