Top 3 Smartphone Companies In The World

This list based on who sale most smartphones in one year. Smartphones are the most used gadget of all time and these are made by some of the big tech companies of the world. But who are these top 5 smartphones brands in the world.

3. Huawei :- Huawei actually is not one company he have a Sub brand of Honor. Huawei sale 10Cr smartphones in one year and now Huawei make china's no.1 smartphone brand. Now he making slowly india's no.1 smartphone.

2. Apple :- Apple or Iphone sale 20Cr. smartphones in one year and that's why he is in second place on list. Apple is called phones are very premium, Apple launch only three phones in one year and these three phones makes best seller phones. Apple sale 2.60Cr. Iphone X(10) before launch date

1. Samsung :- In no.1 smartphone company is Samsung. you didn't aspect that but as you know a premium flagship category Samsung sale their phones more than Apple smartphones. Samsung sales 30Cr. smartphones in 2017. 


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