Top 5 Worst Gadgets of 2018

➧Smart Water Bottle

This device have been made so that if you are busy in your work then you forget to do a lot of things. if you forget to drink water while working, then this device has been made for this device, just select one time and when the comes it will start to light itself in this bottle. and you will remember that you have to drink water but you not have to drink water, even than you will have to drink water.
Smart Water Bottle

➧Remote Control Pillow

In this Remote Control Pillow you can connect more than 300 devices. you can change T.V channels very easily with this Remote Control Pillow.

My point of view:- Why do we need this kind of equipment, and if a button is pressed while sleeping by accidentally, the T.V will turn on and this device will not like any indian citizen.

Remote Control Pillow

➧Smart Hair Brush

This device tells you how much pressure you should put in combing your hair. and how to comb the right way and all this keeps counting how many times you have spent on your hair.

Smart Hair Brush

➧Voice Mask

The work of this device is that if you are talking to a person on a mobile phone than your voice will not be heard to anyone, what you are talking about, do not let anyone hear it, so these devices have been made.

Voice Mask

➧Vacuum Cleaner Shoes

This device has been made for when you wear this device in your feet and when you walk on the floor, than this device will be cleaned automatically.

Vacuum Cleaner Shoes