Why Apple is Failing in India / case study.

➧Apple's shares fall

Apple is selling its Iphones less. Apple's major income came from Iphone , and in 2018, Apple only made $265 Billion dollar. and the earnings of Iphones is $166.7 Billion dollar. Apple company gets at least 150$ to 200$ from their one Iphone. If i see the total smartphone market, Apple's market share is less than 20%, So much so that Apple's profit percentage is more than 80%.
Apple's shares in 2018

➧Why people are not buying Iphone?

When Apple make their first iphone. than he was in good design and easy to use and all those iphones had the right features but if we talk about it now all now iphones 20% faster, 20% bigger, and best iphone ever, such iphones are coming. and some people like to use their old iphone.
Now apple has increased their prizes to sell more their iphone, but he does not have much more features, nor is there an innovation because of this, people are starting to buy less iphone. Apple makes most of their phones in USA and when he brings those iphones in india to sell, his price increases

➧Why Apple is expensive

Apple does not make their iphones in india, in USA and when these iphones are brought to india, then the apple company has to pay a lot of taxes, Then due to all this tax the cost of those iphones increases.
Apple is Expensive

One more reason.

➧Android is selling too much!

If you see, Android phones are much cheaper in india and they have more good features. Like- Notch Display, in-display fingerprint, three camera's, four camera's and many more. If you look in apple, more of these features are not in the iphones. India's premium market segment will see that phones whose price is more than  30,000Rs. comes first in no. ONEPLUS and comes in second no. SAMSUNG and last comes to APPLE at no. three
Because the iphone is to expensive. and if people bought Apple's iphone then they have to pay for the services of the iphone
Android Selling Ratio 2018


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