Why Non-Removable Batteries In Our Smartphones, Non-Removable Battery Details

             Our smartphones technology has moved a lot. earlier mobile phones had removable batteries. but all smartphones now have a non-removable batteries. due to which you can not remove the battery from your smartphone repeatedly. and whenever your smartphone hang, you have to depend on the lock key. and our old mobile phones were their battery removal. because of that when the mobile was hanging. so if we were to put this battery out again, he would have restarted the mobile. and it used to work. we should not charge our mobile for longer period. and we can use our battery for a longer time. and we do not have to spent money on the batteries.

But Why Non-Removable Battery's 

1➣ We used to remove the battery repeatedly when the smartphones had a removable battery. and because of that the battery was damaged and hitting. and it soon decreased because of this ,now there is a non-removable battery in our smartphones.

2➣ When the battery of the smartphones was spoiled. we used to put any battery from market to our mobile and used it. because of this, the possibility of smartphones slow and blast was more likely. so now smartphones comes with a non-removable battery's.

3➣ When we used to take out the battery of smartphone the a lot of dusk went inside the smartphones. because of which mobile becomes poor and slow. so now new smartphones comes with a non-removable battery's

4➣ Due to the water, smartphones battery being removable, the possibility of getting water inside the mobile is greatly increased. now there will be a packed completely. so the water will not go inside. so now there's non-removable battery's in the smartphones.

5➣ When smartphones battery gets damaged so you can buy that battery by going to your smartphone service center. and if you buy the same company's  battery, then the company will be more profitable and you will get a good smartphone battery of one year warranty, maybe. so now comes non-removable batteries in smartphone's.

            Because of all these reasons, non-removable batteries have started coming in all the smartphones right now. and according to me, its all good, and also check battery percentage increasing tip's. 


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