GbWhatsApp Apk Download 2019 Latest version-7.00 [No-Ban] | GbWhatsApp Features | Specifications

Hey you are lucky if you are an android user because gbwhatsapp is only available for the Android platform, not available in AppStore. but you can't download gbwhatsapp from playstore because Google has removed gbwhatsapp for the reason of no rights and mod apk.

but guy's gbwhatsapp has such an amazing feature, which original WhatsApp couldn't give you. for example:- whatsapp theme color, blue tick, status downloading option, profile picture downloading option and many more. we're provided more information about gbwhatsapp.
Now you are downloading Gbwhatsapp and I know you need some best WhatsApp groups or Educational Groups

GbWhatsApp has added the anti-ban feature in this new update. you couldn't ban from GbWhatsApp and if you got banned before take your all backup's and uninstall the app and install it again with the new version of Gbwhatsapp v.7.00

GbWhatsapp Details:-

Apk Gb Whatsapp
Version 7.00
Apk Size 28.1 MB
Os Android
Installs 10,000,000+
Last Update 19-Jun-2019
Root Required No

How to Download Gbwhatsapp?

  • Click the "Download Gbwhatsapp"
  • A new page will open click on "Free Download"
  • A new page will open click on "Create download link"
  • Your downloading will start

Features of GbWhatsApp

Gbwhatsapp has such amazing features comparing the original whatsapp. I think official whatsapp didn't have any features, right?
here I have shared some best features of gbwhatsapp and the features of massage stop, Amazing gbwhatsapp logo, auto-reply message, Blue tick, tick fonts and many more

#1: No Connected to the Internet

When we turn on our mobile data, then the messages themselves start appearing in whatsapp and we couldn't stop them. but in Gb whatsapp you can do this very easily. how?

In Gbwhatsapp, there is an option look like wi-fi, so that you can stop incoming messages.

You just have to click on the option of wi-fi once, then the messages will stop coming in Gbwhatsapp. after you clicked the wi-fi option, Gbwhatsapp will close automatically.
[exsample screenshot]

  • Click the wi-fi option of showing in the first picture.
  • Enable DND mode, press ok

  • Your Gbwhatsapp automatically restart
Here you can see my mobile data is on but gbwhatsapp isn't connected to the internet.

#2: Auto Reply Message

This is the best option which I have ever seen, means I love this option because you didn't need to open your WhatsApp or type the message at the same time for every day.

just like sending GM to everyone in the morning time or GN in the night, this is so annoying and irritating.

for this, I am using the special feature of Gb WhatsApp "Auto Reply Message" If you want to activate auto-reply message feature in your GbWhatsApp then follow these steps.
  • Go to your GB settings in GbWhatsApp.
  • Tap on the second option of "Auto Reply Message"
  • Make sure you allow this mark
  • Type any message which you want to send
  • Type the number of how many times the message you want to send
  • Select the receiver
  • Enter your specific time which you want to send a message on that time
  • You can select specific contacts/groups or expect contact/group
This is how you can activate your auto-reply message feature in gbwhasapp.

#3: Hide Blue Ticks

Normally when we receive a message from a friend and they always check, what the message delivered to your mobile? or they want to confirm that what you have seen that message? 

Send = 
Delivered = 
Seen = 

but you can see these messages without giving or showing that person a blue tick. How? follow the steps of given.
  • Click the three dots which are showing in the right corner
  • Tap on the third option of "Blue Ticks"
  • Select the given option of which you want to hide for
you can also hide message delivery tick by following these steps of given.

If you select the "Hide for contacts" option, every person in your contacts list couldn't see the delivered tick or message seen the tick.

If you select the "Hide for group" option then no one can see that blue tick even you seen that message.

#4: Multiple Themes for GbWhatsApp

In official WhatsApp, we couldn't use themes and there is nothing option to download new themes for free. but in gbwhatsapp you can download multiple themes and you can use them for free.

GbWhatsApp provides thousands of themes to his users and all themes are free of cost.
Follow these steps to download gbwhatsapp themes for free.
  • Go to your GB settings
  • Tap on the third option of "Download themes"
There are hundreds of plus themes available in the GB store for free. all the themes are beautiful and very attractive to any other person.
I also use gbwhatsapp theme to make my WhatsApp more stylish or amazing.

#5: Launcher Icon of GbWhatsApp

I think you have been bored to always looking at green whatsapp icon, Right? we can't change the official whatsapp logo or icon but in gbwhatsapp, we can change our whatsapp icon or logo with different colors.

You can change your gbwhatsapp icon with different colors. EG-Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Mario and many more.
Follow the following instructions to apply the gbwhatsapp colors icon.
  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select the 6.0 option of "Launcher icon"
  • Select the color which you want to apply
There are amazing gbwhatsapp icon's and I am sure you'r loving it.

#6: Ticks Style Feature

This gbwhatsapp feature is cool and I love it, because of there ticks style is very attractive.
If a new person checks your whatsapp they will shock after seen this feature. if you want apply this feature in your GbWhatsApp then follow the steps.
  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select the 6.1 option of "Ticks style"
Here you can see there is an amazing ticks style available in gbwhatsapp. New WACA, Old WACA, ios, Bbg lots of ticks available and specially you can use ios ticks in your android device.

#7: Hide Notification

Hide notifications is the best feature of gbwhatsapp because sometimes we don't want to show our private messages in the notification banner section and that's why I love this feature.
How to activate:-
  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select 6.2 option of "Hide notification"
  • Select the category which you want to hide notification
This feature is amazing for those people who want a little bit of privacy.

#8: Notifybar icon

Notifybar icon is simply working for your whatsapp notification icons. notify bar icon just change your notification logo. this feature is good but I don't like it more.
Follow the steps to activate this feature.

  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select 6.3 option of "Notifybar icon"
Here you can see there are a lot of color options with different styles. just tap the color which you want to apply for your gbwhatsapp notifybar.

#9: Lock for GbWhatsApp

As you know Privacy is most important for whatsapp and everyone wants to lock there whatsapp without installing any third party application.

Gbwhatsapp gives you free privacy lock option in there settings. follow the steps to activate lock feature in gbwhatsapp.

  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select 7 option of "Lock"
  • Select 7.1 of "Enable passcode"
the first time you need to create a new passcode, after that if you want change your passcode then select 7.2 option for change passcode.

#10: App Font for GbWhatsApp

I love this feature and I also use this feature for my gbwhatsapp. Gbwhatsapp provides 50+ fonts style for free. let's check this feature and how to activate it.
  • Go to your GB settings
  • Select 11 option of "Change app font"
Here you can see there are lots of fonts available for free.

change your gbwhatsapp font style now and check the result, no one can believe that how can you changed that.

Here I shared the latest GbWhatsApp Apk direct download link and shared some best GbWhatsApp features with screenshot and also all specifications about GbWhatsApp. I have shared a total of ten important features and not talked about any boring features.

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